General FAQs

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NOTE: The questions and answers provided here are for our skilled nursing facilities. For answers to questions about our assisted living or independent apartment locations, please view the FAQs on the website for your specific location of interest.

Can my pet visit me during my stay at The Laurels?

Yes!  Our Guests enjoy pet visits.  All pets or animals that enter the facility must have current standard vaccinations and have had a health exam within the previous year.  Pet visitation can occur during the Facility’s recommended visiting hours.  All visiting pets must be kept on a leash and in control by their owners at all times.  Overnight visitation is prohibited and animals are prohibited from entering dining areas or the Dietary Department, at all times.

Can I consume alcoholic beverages and/or smoke during my stay?

Yes!  If a Guest chooses to do so, he/she may consume a reasonable amount of alcoholic beverages at their own expense, with the approval of their attending physician.  The Laurels designates an outside area for any Guest who wishes to smoke.  An individual safety assessment will be conducted prior to permitting a Guest to smoke on the premises.  Upon a satisfactory completed assessment a Facility staff member will review the designated areas and safety precautions with the Guest.

May I bring personal items from home and is there anything I should leave home?

Yes!  Since The Laurels is your “home away from home”, we encourage you to bring items that will make your stay a pleasurable experience.  However, since space in your room may be limited, you may wish to be selective with the items you bring.  Some examples of suggested items include pictures or photo albums of family, a favorite blanket or pillow, and books or small collectibles that may bring joy during your time of healing.  Examples of things that you may wish to leave home include fragile or irreplaceable family heirlooms and original copies of important financial or legal papers.

Can my Primary Care Physician continue to see me at The Laurels?

Yes!  We believe it is every Guest’s right to choose their Attending Physician.  The physicians that see our Guests must complete the Facility’s credentialing process which includes having a current license to practice medicine in the State where the Facility is located.

Can I receive mail while at The Laurels?

Yes!  We will promptly deliver mail within twenty-four (24) hours of delivery by the postal service.  We will also assist in the delivery of outgoing mail to the postal service, except when there is no regularly scheduled postal delivery and pick-up service.  It is our pleasure to assist any Guest who needs assistance with reading their mail or in writing letters.